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Detailed below are some interesting facts about people and numbers which help to show some of the links Numerology has on our everyday lives.


One interesting fact which comes to light when you start thinking about numbers, is the number of times the number 12 crops up. There are 12 months in the year, accordingly 12 Zodiac signs. There were 12 Disciples, in fact most religious leaders seem to have had 12 main Disciples. There were 12 Knights of the Round Table, 12 Tribes of Israel and so on. The times the number 12 occurs is amazing.


Many people hold firm the belief that numbers matter in their lives. While not directly relating to Numerology, it is interesting to note that two assassinated US Presidents had a numerical connection. "John F. Kennedy" was elected as President of the USA exactly 100 years to the week after "Lincoln". Surprisingly, both had spent 14 years previously as members of congress. There are also several other factors in the lives of these two men which match up, irrespective of the number factor.



Ying Yang Picture  Lucky Numbers  Ying Yang Picture


There are many people who change their name, or the spelling of their names, for the different trend that the numbers can bring about, and many people believe that certain numbers are lucky for them. In England many people think 7 is a lucky number, whereas in many European countries people think 5 is lucky. Who has not heard the phrase "Third Time Lucky", again common to many countries. Many people consider 13 an unlucky number (one explanation being there was 13 at the Last Supper, Jesus and 12 Disciples, and one of those 12 betrayed him). Anyone interested in Tarot will probably have realised that in most tarot packs, in the Major Arcana, the card numbered 13 is Death. The number 13 should not really be considered unlucky but, it certainly is a mystical number.


I would just like to point out before we go any further that Numerology should not be used to work out systems for lotteries, bingo or gambling. In these activities, chance plays a very large part and Numerology does not allow for this.


If you look at all the numbers around you, your birth date, phone number, house number, age etc., there will always seem to be a couple of numbers which appear more often than others. These are the numbers upon which you should focus and which may also be lucky numbers for you.



Ying Yang Picture  Other Links To Numerology  Ying Yang Picture


The link between Astrology and Numerology is strong in as much as each astrological sign has its own planet, which in turn vibrates to its own number. The table below shows how this works out:



0 Pluto Scorpio
1 Sun Leo
2 Moon Cancer
3 Jupiter Sagittarius & Pisces
4 Uranus Aquarius
5 Mercury Gemini & Virgo
6 Venus Taurus & Libra
7 Neptune Pisces
8 Saturn Capricorn
9 Mars Aries & Scorpio



It is therefore not surprising to find that the Zodiac signs also have their own numbers. The table below indicates the ruling planet for each star sign and noting whether the aspect is positive (giving forceful, physical qualities) or negative (with mental qualities). You may also notice that the sign for Cancer is in fact a 6 and a 9 next to each other.



CancerMoonPositive2 & 7
LeoSunPositive1 & 4



In the Major Arcana section of the Tarot, the cards are numbered from 1 to 22 (mirroring the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet), and it is not a coincidence that this is the case. The link between the two is so immense that those interested in the Tarot would be advised to read "Tarot for Beginners", which explains the relationship in very good detail.



Ying Yang Picture  Generalised Number Definitions  Ying Yang Picture


There are no real set definitions for the meaning of each specific digit. However, some "Common" interpretations include:



1Individual; Aggressor; Self; Leadership Yang
2Balance; Union; Receptive; Partnership Yin
4Communication / Interaction
5Action; Restlessness; Life Experience
6Home / Family; Responsibility
7Thought / Consciousness; Spirit
8Power / Sacrifice
9Highest Level Of Changes



Some Numerologists analyse double-digit numbers as well, from 10 to 99. These numbers (ie: 11, 22, 33, ...) are commonly referred to as "Master Numbers" (Buess, 2005). This study of Numerology is based on the evidence of significant double-digit numbers in the Kabbalah, the I-Ching, the Pythagorean Numerology, the Tarot Arcana of the Eastern faiths, and the Runes of the Viking age. Various authors of Numerology books determine various meanings for each number, from 0 to 9 and from 10 to 99.



Ying Yang Picture  The Strange Number 9  Ying Yang Picture


Research into numbers can produce fascinating information. The number 9 is a fascinating number in its own right. If 9 is multiplied by itself, or any other single number, the two figures which result will always equal 9 when added together. You can take this a step further and multiply 9 by any whole number and when the result is reduced (explained later) the answer is always 9. Try it for yourself:



9 x 3 = 27 Therefore 2 + 7 = 9
9 x 6 = 54 Therefore 5 + 4 = 9
9 x 354 = 3186 Therefore 3 + 1 + 8 + 6 = 18
1 + 8 = 9



Likewise, add together all the numbers from 1 through to 9. You get the answer 45, 4 + 5 = 9.


Again, if you look at the multiples of 9 from "1 x 9 = 9" through to "9 x 9 = 81" and add them together, the answer reduces to 9.


If you take a row of any numbers, reverse their order, and take the smallest from the larger, then add all the numbers of the answer together these will always reduce to 9. For example 9432172 - 2712349 = 6719823. Add these together and you get 36, 3 + 6 = 9. This works for any numbers you choose.


There are many more multiplications and patterns which feature the number 9, and no other number is so 'magical'.


John Lennon had a fascination with the number 9, feeling both his past and present were linked to the number. John Lennon was born on the 9th, as was his son Sean; many times he had connections with homes bearing the number 9; the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, spotted the group in Liverpool on the 9th; and their first recording contract was clinched on the 9th. He met Yoko Ono on a 9th, and it is said he felt convinced that the number 9 was important to him. He went so far as to include the number in several of his songs. It is interesting to note that his time of death, whilst being the 8th in actuality in America was the 9th back in Britain. The hospital at which he was pronounced dead was situated on 9th Avenue, Manhattan.


Many say that the number 9 is in fact the number of "Eternity", because of its indestructibility. Others feel that it is the number of "Visionary".


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